12 month loan: which is the best?

Financial Check is a market-leading credit comparison. The loan calculator is free. The offers are submitted without obligation. There are no preliminary costs. The comparison portal works with over 20 reputable direct banks and can compare a large number of different loan offers. This loan calculator is our recommendation

After you have filled out the loan request, you will receive the cheapest loan offers in a matter of seconds, taking into account your details and your credit rating.

Take a look at the offers in peace. If an offer meets your expectations, you can submit a loan application to the selected bank.

If you do not agree with any offer, simply let the matter rest. You then do not need to do anything else.

Good Credit’s loan offer

Good Credit

Good Credit, the credit broker from Halle, also provides loans with short terms of 12 months, 18 months or 24 months.

The interest depends on the creditworthiness. Leave the loan compared to a professional who has already helped many customers to find cheap credit solutions.

Let us advise you on the right loan for your needs. Good Credit is one of the market leaders in the industry.

Self-employed people also have a chance of getting small loans. The self-employed, regardless of whether they are traders or freelancers, generally do not receive any worse conditions.

The application process for the self-employed is very straightforward compared to the credit requirements at other direct banks.

Smaller loans are granted from the first month of self-employment. Few documents are sufficient to prove the income situation, sometimes even bank statements are sufficient.

Loan requests, advice and the submission of the loan offer are free of charge and without obligation. If a loan agreement is concluded, the brokerage credit is part of the effective annual interest rate.

The offer brokered by Good Credit can therefore easily be compared with the offers of the competition. As a rule, the commissions do not raise interest rates because the partner banks are responsible for this.

Unlike some of its competitors, the financial services provider has an excellent reputation. The customer reviews are mostly positive. Good Credit is the credit broker that we recommend.

Good Finance P2P credit

Good Finance P2P credit

The alternative to bank credit is a loan from private for private from Good Finance.

The offer is currently included in the Fine Bank loan calculator. A loan application can of course also be made directly on the Good Finance website.

Self-employed and older people have a real chance of getting a loan. The same applies to people with slight problems with Credit Checker.

Good Finance has a sophisticated, independent system for credit checks and does not rely solely on Credit Checker. Motor vehicles can also be provided as security.

There are not many loans for 12 months


Short terms and small loan amounts, this combination is not exactly popular with direct banks and branch banks.

Because the relationship between yield and effort is significantly better with longer terms and higher sums.

For this reason, not all banks deal with loans for 12 months. The choice of loan offers is not very extensive, especially when it comes to smaller amounts.

Nevertheless, cheap loans with a term of one year can be found on the Internet.

The interests of borrowers are exactly the opposite of the business interests of banks. The shorter the term of a loan is granted, the lower the interest costs.

At least that’s the theory. In practice, however, there are interesting exceptions in individual cases, as we will see below.

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