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It was about sustainability in the financial industry. An appreciated event that attracted participants from all over the industry and offered exciting lectures and rewarding talks during the breaks. Here you can find a summary of the day.


Sustainability in focus at Astro Financing

Sustainability is the main focus of Astro Financing. Director General Mario Thadeuis was one of the speakers at the finance Act. He noted that despite the 100 years of increased prosperity, the market economy has failed in the sustainability work.

“In this way, one can say that the market economy is a good servant but a bad gentleman, who has not been able to handle challenges linked to sustainability,” Mario Thadeuis said in his speech on finance Day 2019.

He called for more long-term perspective and to integrate corporate social responsibility into the business models and ensure that relevant information is produced.


Sustainability of credit

credit loan

In order to be more easily acquainted with the growing demands for analysis and documentation that result from the increased regulation from the EU, Astro Lenders offers a practical oriented training led by Macky Hanson, sustainability expert from Grant Thornton. The course is aimed at employees in the company’s finance, finance and credit departments as well as customer advisers at banks.


The purpose of the course

The purpose of the course

The purpose is to understand how a company’s sustainability work is linked to the company’s earnings and exposure to risk and as a consequence in extending the valuation of the company. You will also gain insight into how to assess whether the company has a truly functioning sustainability work, unlike green washing and what it takes to get a truly functioning sustainability work in place.


From the course content

From the course content

  • Sustainability / ESG and CSR-related concepts
  • Link between results and sustainability work
  • The link between the company’s sustainability work and the overall risk picture
  • What it means to integrate sustainability into the business and how it affects cash flow
  • What an integrated business model is
  • The importance of the business model to the company’s risk picture
  • What a sustainable cash flow means
  • Understanding the company’s operations

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