The Threats of Mercury to Human Well being and Biodiversity Prices of This Lethal International Disaster – A Resolution

Zaruma, one in all Ecuador’s 5 UNESCO World Heritage websites and the highest of the world and probably the most impactful supply of lethal poisonous mercury polluting Amazon rivers

Zaruma Residences Protesting the Use of Mercury in Mining

#MakeMercuryHistory within the processing of ore, the biggest anthropogenic supply of mercury air pollution on our planet

Agriculture, business fishing, urbanization, man-made local weather change, habitat destruction, air pollution: we’re the architects of an unprecedented bloodbath.

We suggest to make use of an answer extracted from crops, bitter cassava, because the leaching agent for leaching gold for the primary time within the historical past of the mining trade.

We suggest to make use of an answer extracted from crops of bitter cassava, a cyanogenic plant extract as a gold leach leachate for the primary time within the historical past of the mining trade.

– Dr Marcello Veiga, ing. Professor Emeritus (UBC)

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, October 17, 2021 / – Ore processing by artisanal and small-scale gold miners (ASG) is the world’s largest anthropogenic supply of deadly mercury air pollution, exceeding mercury emissions from coal-fired energy crops in 2017.

There are ~ 18-20 million impoverished ASG miners in ~ 80 international locations, together with ~ 4.5 million girls and ~ 600,000 youngsters below the age of 15, all struggling largely from undiagnosed mercury poisoning on account of to the dealing with and respiration of the mercury which they use to type an amalgam with the gold in crushed ore.

ASG miners warmth the amalgam to a excessive temperature utilizing torches spraying the amalgam forsaking a gold button whereas exposing them and the environment to lethal poisonous mercury air pollution documented by Oxford College Earth scientists in 2021 to remain within the air for as much as a 12 months.

The gold button which accommodates ~ 5% mercury is shipped to an artisanal foundry for refining by heating the button to a excessive temperature creating extra lethal localized mercury air pollution. ASG miners produce 20% of the world’s provide of gold utilized in our jewellery, iPads, iPhones, computer systems and different electronics.

The morbid irony is that the identical mercury that’s vaporized to extract the gold utilized in our jewellery, iPads, iPhones, computer systems and different digital units pollutes the air all of us breathe, contaminates our consuming water, pollutes them. oceans through which we swim. , poisoning the fish we eat, inflicting well being issues and destruction of world biodiversity.

A excessive value to pay with devastating penalties when there are mercury-free options.

Eighty % of the world’s artisanal gold provide is produced from processing facilities which might be largely liable for their collective launch of two,000 tonnes of mercury per 12 months; not the falsely accused ASG casual miners who solely produce 20% of the gold.

December 17, 2020, United Kingdom Tremendous Mega Rock Star @robbiewilliams reported he was “virtually useless” from mercury poisoning about his seafood behavior. He had the very best stage of mercury in his physique ever recorded within the UK.

Mercury is a precursor to methylmercury, an much more lethal neurotoxin, 100 instances stronger than elemental mercury, and with unknown biomagnifying results.

Methylmercury is produced by human micro organism on contact or by inhalation, and anaerobic microbes in a damp atmosphere just like the Amazon.

Each mercury and methylmercury enter the blood mind barrier, the placenta and the central nervous system.

To result in lasting change, we, the corporate, have launched local weather motion within the Portovelo-Zaruma mining district in Ecuador, 1,200 meters above sea stage within the Amazon Andes.

We’re in superior talks with a number of members of APROPLASMIN *, together with their “hopeful” elected president to whom we’ve got supplied preliminary design drawings to transform an current heart and prototype the primary 60 tonne peak ore / mercury-free day on the planet and waste therapy heart.

Right here, 87 (110 in 2010) complete mercury ore amalgamation processing facilities situated alongside a sq. mile on the banks of the Calera and Amarillo rivers collectively discharge 1.9 million tonnes of poisonous tailings floor sludge. acids discharged annually straight into rivers by the therapy of fifty,000 native and neighboring miners. ‘ore and poisonous residues.

This poisonous pollutant is loaded with 222 kg of mercury making certain the mobility of mercury, 2,033 tonnes of cyanide, mercury-cyanide complexes, arsenic, lead and different heavy metals.

The pollutant is dispersed by river zigzagging alongside the Andes via the Amazon rivers, killing all native biota, contaminating riverbanks and soil, poisoning native land species, and contaminating consuming water to movement into the ocean. Pacific 350 km to the west, poisoning the tuna we eat the place mercury bioaccumulates probably the most.

Zaruma is one in all Ecuador’s 5 UNESCO World Heritage Websites and the world’s largest and most essential supply of lethal poisonous mercury polluting Amazon rivers destruction of the Puyango-Tumbes river basin in Peru leading to a latest internationally supported authorized follow-up for threats to human well being, destruction of biodiversity, contamination of their consuming water and soil, and so forth., estimated at $ 35 billion.

These facilities are additionally collectively liable for the annual launch of 303 kg of vaporized mercury into the environment by burning the amalgam of gold and mercury to extract the gold.

We suggest to make use of an answer extracted from bitter cassava crops, a cyanogenic plant extract as a leaching agent for gold for the primary time within the historical past of the mining trade ”

The conversion of one of many 87 Chilean therapy facilities in Portovelo-Zaruma to manipueira therapy contributes to the general aim of the UNEP International Mercury Partnership by eliminating the

• month-to-month use of two.2 kg of mercury,
• month-to-month use of two tonnes of poisonous cyanide salts,
• prorated launch of 1.9 million tonnes of poisonous residue residues,
• pro-rated launch of 303 kg of mercury into the environment from the combustion of gold amalgam

aimed toward mitigating different threats to human and little one well being in utero, the destruction of native and world biodiversity from this heart first.

The manipueira processing heart might be geared up with revolutionary applied sciences incorporating processes based mostly on years of R&D on the Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering on the College of British Columbia (UBC).

We’re looking for social consciousness and impression funding capital to fund our Local weather Motion Initiative to implement our Tailings Remediation Motion Plan (TRAP) innovation in Zaruma to get rid of the usage of mercury in mineral processing with the purpose of additional decreasing human and little one well being in utero. threats, destruction of native and world biodiversity.

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🌿 A supplier of innovation for #MakeMercuryHistory in ore processing and revenue to ASG miners, proudly proudly owning sustainably recovered tailings gold, a product wasted world wide.

* Asociación de Propietarios de Plantas de Beneficio Mineral (Affiliation of homeowners of crops for ore discount, smelting and refining of mineral substances within the province of El Oro in Portovelo-Zaruma)

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